Testimonial of a Vetrinarian

Mark Fitzsimmons, D.V.M.
February, 2010

I am writing to give you my experiences with the use of the autogenous MJPRRS® vaccine. I got involved early in the development phase of the technology, but the actual use of the vaccine started in July 2008. I started and have continued the use of vaccines in over 75,000 sows to control Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome (PRRS).

The disease has cost the swine industry hundreds of millions if not billions of dollars in the last 20 years. We have tried and experimented with many solutions including live serum exposure. During that time we failed to find a suitable answer. The use of this vaccine has now given us a potential reprieve for this devastating disease.

I have so far seen results that far exceeded my expectations for the control of PRRS. We have been able to use the vaccine in the face of PRRS disease challenges and saw dramatic results. In specific cases it has been able to prevent the reproductive losses and piglet deaths normally associated with a PRRS break.

A normal goal after a PRRS break is to create piglets that are being born free of the virus. This usually takes 10 to 16 weeks but after the use of MJPRRS vaccine we were able to see it after only 6 weeks.

We have never been able to use a product that has shut down the disease like this before. It has given us totally unexpected results from any procedure or product that we had available to fight this disease in the past.

The technology within the production phase of this vaccine is revolutionary to the swine industry. It will be invaluable in helping us protect the health and well being of the animals under our care and the livelihoods of many hog producers.
The swine industry will be greatly benefitted by the production of this technology as move forward in the 21st century.
I would not look forward to continuing in the next few years without the use of this unique and extraordinary product.

Mark FitzSimmons, DVM
2006 Swine Practitioner-of-the-Year
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Mapleton, MN 56065
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