Testimonial of a Swine Professional

First, I want to say that MJ Biologics is not compensating me in any manner for this testimonial. I am very willing and eager to share this testimonial, simply because it has really helped two sow farms that I work with.

For many years I have observed how the PRRS virus has caused financial devastation for pig owners; how "abortion storms" have caused depression for sow farm staff; and how "non-responsive" PRRS infected nursery pigs cause depression for nursery staff. We have all been in this spot.

Our consulting veterinarian, Dr. Paul Armbrecht, recommended the MJ product to us three years ago. We are now in our third year and third winter of using the MJ Biologic PRRS product at two Northwest Iowa sow farms. One farm is 2500 sows, and the other farm is 1250 sows. We are very pleased with the results. Every live animal in the sow farm (except pigs on the sow) is given the MJ PRRS product every two months. While this is a significant expense if the product doesn't work……….it is a minimal expense if it works. This product has worked for us.

The MJ product will not 100% prevent you from ever having PRRS PCR positive sows or pigs……….but, if used correctly, it will GREATLY reduce the severity of any challenge.

I would be glad to visit on the telephone or via email with anyone who would like to hear more of the reasons we are happy with this product.

Kirk Hall
Sheldon, Iowa