Testimonial of a Veterinarian

Brian Roggow, D.V.M. "In my hands, the PRRS products and technical advice from MJ Biologics have been valuable in a balanced approach to controlling the PRRS virus. MJ's grouping system for virus strains has proven itself to be a very useful tool in understanding what is happening in the field in regard to the PRRS virus mutating intra farm and moving from farm to farm.

MJ Biologics' inactivated PRRS vaccine in combination with biosecurity protocols, pig flow restrictions, sanitation have helped me to stabilize active PRRS sow farms as well as keep stabilized farms quiet.

Sow Farm XX is a 3000 sow farrow-to-wean unit located in a hog dense area of southern Minnesota. This farm has used MJPRRS® vaccine for three years very successfully. The young replacement gilts are given live exposure to sero-convert them, then given 2 shots of MJPRRS prior to entering the breeding herd. The sow herd is blanket vaccinated 3 times a year. Prior to MJPRRS, this unit periodically "leaked" PRRS virus to the nursery with subsequent spikes in mortality and morbidity. After the introduction to MJPRRS, the unit has not "leaked" virus in the nursery.

Brian D. Roggow, DVM
Fairmont Veterinary Clinic, LLP