MVP Laboratories partners with
MJ Biologics to combat PRRSV

MVP Laboratories and MJ Biologics have successfully collaborated to produce a USDA licensed autogenous MJPRRS® vaccine that can help swine producers tackle the complex PRRSV disease problem.

MJPRRS Viral Antigen Concentrate Subunit Vaccine Technology and MJPRRS Grouping Technology are combined with MVP's proprietary EMULSIGEN-D adjuvant to produce the second generation MJPRRS Vaccine. This vaccine contains the maximum concentrations of PRRS viral antigens in the presence of MVP's extraordinary adjuvant.

The two companies have been working on scale-up of MJ Biologics' unique technology in MVP's new production facility in Omaha, NE. MJPRRS vaccines produced by MVP Laboratories must pass stringent quality control testing prior to release to assure the presence of optimal levels of antigenic mass. At this time, MVP reports that it is able to produce the unique vaccine in 100,000 dose serials.