About MJ Biologics

The story of MJ Biologics has its origin some years ago as a swine production company owned and managed by Bill Marks in southern Minnesota. Beginning with 600 sows, they continued to expand and eventually had 11,000 sows in production. While they grew so did their frustrations, as they continually encountered PRRS related challenges. They tried various ideas to eliminate or minimize the effects of this financially draining disease. They tried vaccines and injecting serum. They repopulated with naïve animals, followed by closing the herd and utilizing the most current biosecurity measures. Although somewhat beneficial at times, nothing worked consistently and they continued to suffer major financial losses for years.

A process to develop a unique PRRS vaccine that could provide cross-protection was developed. Upon these producers’ decision to fund the research to work on this innovative process, MJ Biologics was born.

Through ongoing research and trials, MJ Biologics' microbiologist, Dr. BK Kim and his staff, have continued to refine this process. With the collaboration of several swine veterinarians, the autogenous MJPRRS® vaccine technology has been continuously improved and then augmented with the innovative MJPRRS grouping technology that MJ Biologics developed and patented. As MJ Biologics continues to grow, the story continues to unfold. Research within MJ Biologics for new products and technologies is ongoing.