NEW 4th Generation PRRS Vaccine

MJ Biologics, Inc. is a research company located in Mankato, Minnesota and is dedicated to the research and development of animal health products including autogenous MJPRRS® vaccine for PRRS control. Our commitment has now yielded a 4th Generation MJPRRS Vaccine to be used as a tool to help producers minimize production losses and survive PRRSV challenges during this difficult economic environment.

*Based on a recent study, PRRS costs the U.S. pork industry $664 million each year in production losses and nearly another $478 million in veterinary, biosecurity and other outbreak related costs. That's a total of more than $1.14 billion per year, or over $3.1 million per day.

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Dr. Tim Loula consulting veterinarian

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  • Current generation of autogenous killed MJPRRS vaccine is a tool for PRRS stabilization and control in PRRS positive herds and is not designed for use as a stand alone vaccine in a PRRS naive herd.
  • MJPRRS vaccine is an autogenous vaccine exclusively produced, distributed, and sold by MVP Laboratories Inc. in Omaha Nebraska. MVP autogenous vaccines are produced in MVP's USDA licensed facilities and are only available through veterinarians.
  • MJPRRS autogenous vaccine requires authorization for use by the attending veterinarian.
*Holtkamp, Derald J.; Kliebenstein, James B.; Zimmerman, Jeffrey J.; Neumann, Eric; Rotto, Hans; Yoder, Tiffany; Wang, Chong; Yeske, Paul; Mowrer, Christine; and Haley, Charles (2012) "Economic Analysis of PRRS Virus Elimination from a Herd," Animal Industry Report: AS 658, ASL R2678.
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